KDK – The Club of Cultural Figures

Future for KDK is a community initiative aiming to raise funds for the restoration and revitalization of the building of the former Club of Cultural Figures in Veliko Tarnovo and to bring it back to life and also to preserve the public function and architectural value of the building.


The vision of the TAM Club and the Varna Social Teahouse is for KDK to become a modern cultural and social center, which will offer the local communities and guests of Veliko Tarnovo a place for dialogue and a diverse program of cultural events. And young people from at-risk social groups to get the opportunity for their first secure job and support through a mentoring program.


The discussion on the future of KDK started in 2020, with the participation of representatives of institutions, non-government organizations, business and the local community (video). Dozens of artists, cultural managers and citizens have publicly expressed their support for the idea (videos #FutureFromKDK)!

Playlist with the public debate and videos in support of the campaign.

The Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo recognized the cause and in April 2021 decided to lend the first floor and the backyard for a period of 5 years for the purposes of the initiative. Dozens of volunteers took part in cleaning the premises.


The architects from Atelier IA got involved in the project completely free of charge, in creating an architectural project for the premises on the first floor and the back yard. The project was publicly presented and was given the green light from the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo. The feedback from the community at every step of the process is important!


Preliminary calculations show that the repair will cost no less than BGN 50,000. This includes the cost of replacing the electrical installation, air conditioning and dealing with the damp issues, electrical installation, lights, change of flooring and window and door frames.

We rely on donations from citizens and companies to raise the money and on the work of specialists!

As of beginning of July 2021, the costs of cleaning the building amount to BGN 2,063, and donations are BGN 1,125.


If you want to join the campaign for a new life of KDK in Veliko Tarnovo, you can do it in several ways, description below.

By organizing charity event

If you are an artist or cultural manager, you can support the campaign by organizing a charity theater performance, concert, party, exhibition, screening, and donate part of the proceeds to the campaign!

Share about the campaign!

  • Tell your friends and relatives about the campaign!
  • Send an email or share on social media!
  • Feature us in your blog, vlog or podcast!

Thank you for participating with us in restoring KDK!


3 thoughts on “SUPPORT #FUTURE FOR KDK*

  1. Hi . I am the manager of a English Rock Pop band based around the Pavlikeni area . We cover 60s / 70s and 80s songs by Van Morrison , the Beatles , T Rex , Slade and many others . Please , if you feel we could be of any help in raising some money let me know . We would of course do it free of charge .

    • Hi Kevin! Thank you for you support in the cause of reviving the KDK building in Veliko Tarnovo! It’s incredible how many people identify with the idea!

      We believe the best way to help us raising money is by organizing something your own community will embrace! We will promote it and join you. That way we will create one more opportunity for people to meet and exchange! In the mean time spreading the word about the campaign is already great support!

      We can discuss further at Or next time when you are in Veliko Tarnovo, come and meet us. We will do the same when we are in Pavlikeni!

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