FezBastard live at TAM


Събота, 16 февруари 2019 г. от 21:00 ч. до 22:00 ч.

Към фейсбук събитието >>

FezBastard are a noisy, experimental, radical, absurdist duo performing noisy, experimental, radical, absurdist music.

Their words:
Our project is called FezBastard. We aim to exaggerate the most extreme elements of our personal philosophies and politics, creating a cartoonish monster.
We feel that with the advance of technology, now anyone can make themselves look as slick as Hollywood. This has resulted in a strong focus on looking and sounding “professional” in the music and arts industry at the expense of soul, passion, experimentation and just having a fucking laugh.
We reject that.
As a result our performance always emphasises FUN over QUALITY.
If you can find one of our shows, you will have fun.

A FezBastard show is 45 minutes of intense spurts of angry, cathartic rapping/shouting over electronic beats interspersed with reflective, experimental electronica performed live.
There is very little light save for the TorchMics used by the two performers.
There may be ridiculous costumes.

The performance is extreme and the message is riddled in layers of madness.
This is for an audience who likes to think. An audience who looks at a picture or listens to a piece of music and then likes to read into it. An audience who understands the inherent conflict and contradictions in politics and, above all, an audience who likes to laugh at it all and have fun.


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