⁂ Cia Debutante at TAM ⁂


Събота, 2 февруари 2019 г. от 21:00 ч. до 22:30 ч.

Към фейсбук събитието >>

Cia Debutante at TAM /// 02.02 /// 21:00 /// 5lv Entrance

Nathan Roche (Le Villejuif Underground) & Paul Bonnet (Disposition Matrix).
freedom indoor workshop, eternally temporary composition. lofi spirit, spoken word, guitar, synths. hits from the future.

(Tanzprocesz, Royal Sperm, Crudites Tapes, Tandem Tapes, Czaszka Records, Evocative Objects )

« CIA Débutante sounds like Dead C On McIntosh but when they were only 25years old»
Clark Gable

“will likely scratch the inch for those with an interest in, say, early industrial music, library music, The Shadow Ring, and spy films. A solid release.” – FreeFormFreakout

“With or without headphones, these tapes just keeps getting better &better with each listen.” – https://cassettegods.blogspot.com/2018/10/cia-debutante-we-will-play-for-spirits.html

“Like painting over a canvas so many times that the paint peels and cracks in places, while retaining a shadow of the original image beneath, ‘We will play for spirits’ is densely layered and mysterious. On ‘Phonetapping’ and ‘Forty-eight dollars a night neon’, delicate synths and miniature drum machine cymbals are penetrated by crushing vocals and screaming frequencies swathed in distortion. Loosely inspired by an “air crash,” each song seems guided by the harmony of alien lifeforms. A harmony disturbed by an unfamiliar relic – a muffled human voice captured on chewed up tape-loop. One could listen for eternity and never unravel the code..” – Critic NZ.



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