Points of Entelechy

На 4-ти ноември от 21:00 ч. до 00:00 ч.

Към фейсбук събитието > >

Lutfi Othman and Mario Radev present ‘Points of Entelechy’

The project includes а series of live performances. Each one of them is a loop based improvisation that creates a symbiosis between sound and visual art. The combination of the two types of improvisation provides an experience of an imagined environment for the audience to explore and create their own narratives to thus creating a world for themselves.

As artists, both Mario and Lutfi are equally interested in the beauty of the art-making process as much as the product itself. They created this performance with the intention of revealing their artistic process to an audience that could both experience it and take something away for their own art. Through the spontaneous production of sound and moving image, the audience participates in the act of production itself, and by being witnesses to the process they can experience and see how each visual element is linked to an element in the sound, and vice versa.

FIND OUT MORE ON : https://www.marioradev.com/pointsofentelechy

Free entrance.

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